MiLibraryQuest Logo Design Contest

Teens in Michigan are invited to submit a design for the new official MiLibraryQuest logo.  The winning design will be used to promote and identify MiLibraryQuest for future Quests.  The creator of the winning design will win a $50 gift card.


The logo must:

  • Represent MiLibraryQuest. 

MiLibraryQuest is a series of virtual quests for teens throughout the state of Michigan.  You can see details of the first MiLibraryQuest and details of the current MiLibraryQuest: Mystery Edition by using the tabs above.  We plan to continue hosting two quests each year; each will have a different theme.  Your logo design does not need to address specific themes, but rather represent MiLibraryQuest overall.


  • Contain an open book. 

The open book will be a consistent theme throughout images for all quests.  You can see the open book and a dragon in artwork from the first MiLibraryQuest and an open book and a detective in artwork for the current MiLibraryQuest: Mystery Edition. 


  • Contain the phrase: MiLibraryQuest


  • Be 500 DPI or higher

  • Logos must be submitted here before January 31, 2021.

If you have any questions, please email or ask them here.*

Great News!! Logos can be hand drawn and scanned or

digitally generated!!

*Please note that many school email addresses cannot send or receive email to or from non-school email addresses.  If you don’t hear back from us by the end of the next day, that means we didn’t receive your email and/or you can’t receive an email back from us.  Please try again from another (not a school) email address or ask us via the above form link.

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