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Welcome Adventurers

You have traveled far to seek out new books. Whispers on the winds have brought you to a small village hidden in a forested valley, wreathed in mountain fog. Yet as you approach and the village comes into view, you stop short—something is clearly wrong.

The villagers are frozen and gray—turned to stone! One, face trapped in wide-eyed fright, clutches a scrap of paper as if offering it to you… but what could it say?

Stone statues (2).png

Gently wriggling the paper free, you can see frayed edges—maybe it was torn from a book? But it’s clearly only a piece of the full page. You can see scrawled and spiky mountains, bits of what must be trees, and—there! That is the village you’re standing in now, near the entrance to the valley. You flip the part over and see tiny, cramped writing filling the limited space—a set of riddles. Maybe solving them will lead you to the rest of the map—and even a way to help save the villagers?

Map Piece Website.png

A land of tolls but no roads

Seek out the places grains go once they grow

In the land of the largest lake

On the back of the paper you see:

Use the information from the "Participating Libraries" page to solve the riddle.

Create your own character to help save Questington. You can submit your adventurer at any time during the Quest and see the rest of the adventuring party here.

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