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You have the Map!

With the full map in hand, you set off from the village. The fog creeps back in to hide away the stony figures of the townsfolk in your wake.

Stone statues (2).png

The woods are quiet enough to send prickles down your spine—a quick glance at a nearby pine tree shows a sparrow on one branch, trapped in the same statue-like state as the people behind you.

Foggy Forest.png
Houghton Lake Website Piece.png

The map shows the full valley with two locations circled. You squint down at one and it looks to be a clearing not too far from you. There are words inked next to it in a shaky hand—maybe a clue as to what awaits?


Used in pursuit of power and glory, 

with results that were rather gory.

Despite its role in the human story, 

we deemed it weaker than the pen.

Create your own character to help save Questington. You can submit your adventurer at any time during the Quest and see the rest of the adventuring party here.

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