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A Sword!

It lies half-buried in the dirt, a circle of bare ground all around it.


It must have been there for a while, but it shines as if just polished. When you pull it free, it almost feels warm in your hands. You feel a little more confident now to handle whatever comes next.


it wouldn’t hurt to know what that was. Maybe the map has another riddle for you?


Hisstory is written in stone and steel,

But all must freeze when this creature’s eyes they feel.

Riddle’s pet and potter’s bane—

Guard your gaze and from stone you’ll refrain.

If you know not what lies ahead

Careful, adventurer, or you may end up dead!

Create your own character to help save Questington. You can submit your adventurer at any time during the Quest and see the rest of the adventuring party here.

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