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The Beast!

You approach the second location circled on the map- a cave at the base of the mountain range surrounding the valley. As you walk through the edge of the forest, the trunks of the outermost trees are patchy where parts of them have begun to turn to stone just from being near the beast’s lair.

You catch a glimpse of slitted eyes in the darkness of the cave, and the silence is shaken by the rasp of scales on stone. A basilisk is a dangerous foe—but there’s something waiting for you at the front of the cave. A treasure chest!

just treasure chest.png

You run your hand over the aged wood and tarnished metal, and find the chest securely closed with a combination lock. The lock is engraved with metal letters in place of the usual numbers, and a final scrap of paper lies on top. Another riddle! Maybe the answer opens the lock—and perhaps even tells you what awaits within?


If you drop me, I'm sure to crack;

But give me a smile and I'll always smile back.

Create your own character to help save Questington. You can submit your adventurer at any time during the Quest and see the rest of the adventuring party here.

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