MiLibraryQuest - Winter 2021 - Suspects

Vivian VanderCraab

“Art should always be enjoyed by those who love it most!”

General Description:

  • 60’s

  • Colorful scarf and reading glasses

  • Strong scents of perfume and hairspray

  • Nice dress outfit and pearls, long gray hair in a bun


Detective’s Notes:

  • Studied for two years at the Paris College of Art in France

  • Friends report that she regularly visits the Detroit Institute of Art and writes art reviews online

  • Has a private collection of art in her Grosse Pointe Farms estate​

    • Started clearing an area on grounds for a new building… ​

Harry Hoodunit

“Hey, all of my tricks work out in the end… I’d never take something for real.”

General Description:

  • Teens

  • Grey mullet

  • Black vest and mostly dark clothes


Detective’s Notes:

  • Amateur magician trying to build a following

  • Leaves the Ace of Spades behind after his magic performances

  • Tweeted “Major new magic trick happening soon…see you all on Valentine’s Day! #TheMagicIsInMe”

Lori Lynde

“History is a part of us all – some more than others.”

General Description:

  • 20s

  • Bright red hair, often in a bun

  • Wears long, tattered Doctor Who scarf and bright red lipstick


Detective’s Notes:

  • She sometimes speaks like she’s not from this time…

  • Was holding multiple books about the Sault locks

David Dulac

“The Spartans are going to win this season – just you wait and see!”

General Description:

  • 60s

  • Walks with a limp, needs a cane for mobility

  • Usually wearing flannel and a Stormy Kromer hat to keep his head warm.

  • Beady black eyes and full white mustache and beard


Detective’s Notes:

  • Eats a lot of s’mores – left marshmallow goo all over the interview room

  • He kind of looks like Santa!

  • Michigan State University alumnus, majored in agriculture and minored in French

  • HATES University of Michigan football team

Christian Carlsonski

“We must preserve our natural environment – before it’s too late!”

General Description:

  • 30s

  • Wears a grey vest and walks with a gentlemanly cane

  • Short blond hair and a knit cap


Detective’s Notes:

  • Polish immigrant, speaks with an accent

  • Does a lot of volunteering with environmental organizations

  • Loves to hike

Serafina Sterling

“I just want to find a nice place to be alone and make art.”

General Description:

  • 30s

  • Short green hair with a pencil tucked behind their ear

  • Often wearing a grey Sword Art Online hoodie and a blue and yellow Sailor Moon backpack


Detective’s Notes:

  • Likes to tour lighthouses and hike on the weekends

  • Art teacher and leader of the library Anime Club

  • Usually carrying a sketchbook and a volume of manga

    • They’ve drawn lots of lighthouse sketches…

Nala Northton

“We have to protect our history – we can’t just tear everything down once It’s not new anymore.”

General Description:

  • 40s

  • Wears flannel shirts and overalls, often with work boots

  • Short blond hair with a pencil tucked behind her ear


Detective’s Notes:

  • Loves classical music and old buildings

    • Has been involved in fundraising to save historic buildings all across the state

  • Works for a building company in the Detroit area

  • Restores old houses in her personal time

Raven Rivers

“Just because I’m a little intense doesn’t mean I’m a thief!”

General Description:

  • Teens

  • Wears all black, punk-style clothing and carries an old Army knapsack

  • Long bright red hair with a black streak


Detective’s Notes:

  • Loves music and applies every semester to Interlochen Center for the Arts

  • Hardcore knitter, often participates in charity knitting events

    • She left bits of yarn all over my interview room…

Mariposa Mountblanc

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but there’s no way I’d do something like that.  I’m too busy trying to pass my exams and get into college to pull off some kind of heist.”

General Description:

  • Teens

  • Large glasses and bright lipstick

  • Wears a lot of grey and is almost always wearing her Hufflepuff headband

  • Wavy brown hair and eyes


Detective’s Notes:

  • Planning to study civil engineering at the University of Michigan

    • Carrying graph paper notebooks and pencils she uses for sketching out engineering ideas and notes on “interesting structures”

  • Used lavender perfume, hand sanitizer, and lotion while being interviewed

  • Rumored connection to the notorious Chat Blanc crime family, known for their over-the-top crimes

Brian Byrne

“I’d really like to move on from this.”

General Description:

  • 20s

  • Large green and gold scarf

  • Red glasses and several old-looking rings

  • Long, thin face and long springy black hair (usually up in a shaggy knot)


Detective’s Notes:

  • Speaks with a French accent, which he says is from his study abroad experience

  • Researcher of Lake Michigan shipwrecks

  • It’s weird, but sometimes it seems like you can see right through him…

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