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MiLibraryQuest - Winter 2023
A Perilous Journey

Dear Adventurers, thanks to your brave efforts the small hamlet of Questington is safe once more! Without your self-less actions the people of our great kingdom would still be trapped as stone.

Please accept our thanks and make sure to check the link below to see if you won a special prize.

Logo for 2023 Winter Quest: A Perillous Journey

Congratulations to Josephine Sokoloski!



The MiLibraryQuest team is happy to announce our new, official logo! This logo was created by Michigan teen, Josephine Sokoloski, from the Linden Branch of Genesee District Library.

This logo will be used to represent MiLibraryQuest throughout all of our future Quests.

MiLibraryQuest is a consortium of public libraries working together to create fun, attractive, and exciting challenges for teens throughout Michigan. Our goal is to collaborate with public libraries all over the State of Michigan to provide new, virtual opportunities for our teen patrons. Libraries, for more information, email Teens, check back on the Quest's start date to participate.  If you have questions, you can ask your library or email us at

A small group of libraries began creating the first Quest in May 2020.  That summer, 92 libraries from throughout the state participated in a virtual scavenger hunt for teens.  Teens collected virtual tools from the libraries’ websites to slay a dragon and entered to win a prize. Since then we've held a Winter Quest and a Summer Quest each year.  

MiLibraryQuest Logo.png

Click here to see the list of winners!!

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