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Solve the puzzle to discover Treasures of the Deep

Teens are invited to participate in MiLibraryQuest, Summer 2022: Treasures of the Deep. Pirates, shipwrecks, and monsters have inhabited our oceans for millennia. Treasures of the Deep will challenge teen explorers to complete a crossword puzzle by finding clues on the websites of Michigan libraries. Answers to the puzzle will include famous pirates, real shipwrecks, and mythological monsters. The Quest begins on June 15. Solve the puzzle by July 31 and enter to win a prize from your library. 

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Click on the mermaid to go a version of the crossword that you can type the answers on.

We had a problem with the original online version of the crossword puzzle.  We have posted an editable pdf for you to use now.  When you click on the mermaid, you will need to open or download the file, depending on the pdf software your device uses.  See additional instructions on the crossword puzzle page. If you have any questions, please reach out to your library or to the Quest team at MiLibraryQuest@gmail.com.

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Click the on the treasure chest to go to the page with library links.

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Click on the skull and crossbones to download and print the PDF of the crossword puzzle.

Click the on the tentacle to fill out the entry form.