Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who or what is MiLibraryQuest? MiLibraryQuest is a group of library staff who work together to create innovative and fun competitive quests for teens in Michigan in collaboration with Library of Michigan and statewide public libraries. Participation in these quests is open to all teens in Michigan as well as all public libraries. Registration is free, but required for participation both by individual libraries and teens.

2. When did this start? In Spring of 2020 at a Library of Michigan Teen & Youth Services virtual meeting, volunteers came forward to investigate some ideas aimed at creating virtual programming for teens. From this initial steering committee, MiLibraryQuest has grown to nearly 100 Michigan libraries working together to offer teen quests approximately twice during the calendar year.

3. What is the MiLibraryQuest? Participating libraries host clues or other items within their own websites teens to discover. The ability to add a logo and a clue or other information on your library website is required. Teen participants are given a story or quest information which will lead them to participating library websites to solve their mystery or complete their quest. Links to online documents or forms are provided for teens to submit their answers. MiLibraryQuest volunteers check the answers and forward names of successful winners to their home libraries. (Teens whose home libraries are not participating in MiLibraryQuest will have their names sent to participating libraries who agree to accept these successful entries). Participating libraries then decide what prizes or rewards they will give to their teens and at what levels (participants, drawing from winning names, etc.) Participating libraries also decide what age their library considers “teen”.

4. How do I contact the MiLibraryQuest?

5. When did the first quest occur? The first MiLibraryQuest was held July 1-31, 2020. The quest had a fantasy theme that involved finding and collecting items to help King Thaddeus slay the dragon terrorizing his kingdom.

6. How can I (a library) get involved? MiLibraryQuest is always looking for volunteers to help plan and implement programming. Serving on a committee or helping recruit other libraries to participate are a couple ways you can help. Participation in MiLibraryQuest does not require anything more than registering your library via the "For Libraries" tab at the top of the page.

7. How can I (a teen) get involved? To participate in the MiLibraryQuest go to the "Current Quest" tab at the top of this page.

8. How can I (a library) get involved in a committee? Current MiLibraryQuest committees include: PR - Audio, PR - Video, Winter Quest 2021, Sumer Quest 2021, Logo & Design, Website. Please contact us about getting involved in any of these committees.

9. How often are meetings held? Whole group meetings generally occur once a month. At this time, meeting are virtual using the Zoom platform.

10. What is the Winter Quest 2021? currently in final development, this quest will take place January 1st until February 14th, 2021. To register a library for participation go to the "For Libraries" tab at the top of this page.  Winter Quest 2021 is a mystery teens will solve while acquiring clues from participating library websites.

11. What about the Summer Quest 2021? This quest is currently in development, please check back in the future for additional information.

12. What can you tell me about the MiLibraryQuest Logo Contest? Teens in Michigan are invited to submit a design for the new official MiLibraryQuest logo.  Submissions will be accepted from January 1 through January 31.  The winning design will be used to promote and identify MiLibraryQuest for future Quests.  The creator of the winning design will win a $50 gift card.  See details go to the "Logo Contest" tab at the top.


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