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Summer Quest 2022

Pirates, shipwrecks, and monsters have inhabited our oceans for millennia. MiLibraryQuest: Treasures of the Deep challenged teens to complete an ocean-themed crossword puzzle by finding clues on the websites of Michigan libraries. Answers to the puzzle included famous pirates, real shipwrecks, and mythological monsters. 

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Winter Quest 2022

Teens took their turns putting their wits to the test and helping Inspector Skirmish find a stolen laptop. Lupin was overconfident and sent notes about the laptop's location to Michigan libraries. Using library websites and working with other teens, or by themselves, teens determined the location of the best-selling author's laptop!

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Winter Quest 2021

An anonymous tip came in that a thief would steal an iconic Michigan landmark on Valentine's Day. Teenage private detectives were recruited to stop the heist! Teens from across the state had to figure out who the thief was and what they were stealing to prevent the crime and claim a reward.

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Summer Quest 2021

To celebrate all of the awesome animals in the world, teens visited library websites to locate animal descriptions. Each library had a different animal to showcase on their website. Teens then used the description to search in the field guide to identify each animal. A total of 20 animals needed to be submitted to qualify for a prize drawing.

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Summer Quest 2020

In July of 2020, King Thaddeus Brockwright the Third requested aid in ridding his kingdom of the dreaded bronze dragon. MiLibrary asked teens from across the state to locate 23 items hidden by the King's village libraries. Winners from 40 libraries won prizes after the bronze dragon was banished from the kingdom!

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