1. The MiLibraryQuest is a virtual program designed to encourage teens to explore libraries across the state of Michigan. You will locate animal descriptions on the websites of participating libraries, tell us what you found, and enter those clues in the entry form (Google form). One animal can also be found on the MiLibraryQuest poster displayed inside your library. You must submit at least 20 entries in your journal to be entered in the prize drawing. 

  2. MiLibraryQuest is open to teens in the state of Michigan.

  3. MiLibraryQuest begins on June 1, 2021. All entries must be submitted by July 31, 2021.

  4. You will be provided with a list of library websites where you will find a hidden MiLibraryQuest image and its accompanying animal description. Please note that the MiLibraryQuest code will be somewhere on the page that you are linked to for each library (you may need to scroll down to find some).

  5. Once you find an animal description go to the "Field Guide" via the menu at the top, or download the Field Guide pdf below. Search for the animal based off of the descriptions given and find the animal's name.

  6. To be eligible for prizes, you must log at least 20 animals into your digital entry form.  You can earn one entry for every 20 animals you log from library websites or the MiLibraryQuest poster. Each entry increases your chances of winning, but you do not need to enter more than once. You can only submit the form once.

Detailed Adventurer Regulations

Summer Quest 2021 logo

Download the field guide PDF or use the digital field guide above to determine the name of the animal.


Click the leaf to download a field notes sheet to track which animals came from which library website.

Click this link to head to the digital entry form to log the animals you found.

  1. Go to a library website

  2. Find the logo and animal description

  3. Use the description to find the animal

  4. Enter the animal name on the entry form (linked below)

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