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Hello Sigma Team

You're being dispatched to the Detroit Metro Area. We've received credible intelligence of an authentic sighting of the Nain Rouge. If you've read your file, you know that where the Nain Rouge goes, tragedy often follows. Go to the area and stop whatever tragedy is coming.


After arriving in Detroit, you begin your search of the city. The last tip the Agency received said that the Nain Rouge had been spotted near Eastern Market.

As you dodge potholes along Gratiot Ave. you spot him - a small hunched figure with red skin, walking down the roadside in broad daylight. You quickly pull over to the side of the road, exit the vehicle, and begin to approach the mysterious red figure.

Nain Rouge Gratiot.png

Upon your approach, the small red figure greets you with a curt nod. Looking you up and down they say, "A place, a peril, and a panacea I'll tell you.  You need all 3 to make an end to me. You won't listen well and so it's easy for me to tell…"

With an intense stare, the Nain Rouge shoves the papers into your hand, and by the time you blink, they vanish... All that remains as proof, is the bundle of paper in your hand.

photo of the statue The Thinker
Text stating 'twixt the strait of eErie, and the fisher who entertains, lies a house of great prestige.   Treasures great and small, will begin to crawl, to lay their siege    First, the peaceful ponderer muses no more, instead finding destruction to be in store   Should you wish, for the siege to end, to the original home, make amends.'

With the riddle in hand, all that is left is to decipher it.

Where does the clue take you?

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